A Comic Tale Of Hope Calamity & Self-Realization

Zoe's Auditions

A hilarious touching tale of a lovable
underdog Zoe. A Little Shot taking a big shot at auditions.... (read more).

Written and Performed by
Suzanna Geraghty

Suzanna previously described as: "Admirably Versatile"
New York Times
"A Pleasure to behold" newyorktoday.com

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“Auditions Zoe’s Auditions”

A Standing Ovation for “Auditions Zoe’s Audition” in Northern Ireland.

Returning to Northern Ireland in 2015 following a sellout at the Market Place Theatre in Armagh “Auditions Zoe’s Auditions” receives a standing ovation at the Playhouse Theatre Derry/Londonderry.

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Audience Reviews Northern Ireland

Kerry & Dublin Audience Reviews

Suzanna on TV3 Ireland AM